Hand Pickers


Hand Pickers is an exciting new company located in Australia which was founded out of our love for handpicked coffees and teas. After many years of work in Ethiopia and Africa, we decided it was important to dedicate our time to promote specific areas of the world who still hand pick these special drinks.

We want to share their story...

We specialise in Ethiopian and African coffees, and source these country’s highest-grade beans to sell to the rest of the world.

We have one of the largest ranges of specialty coffees from Ethiopia, and work directly with the producers in the country as well as traders abroad. This ensures an unparalleled range and quality, and only the finest produce.

I have a passion for coffee, and the exciting thing about it is its birthplace; located in the very heart of Ethiopia. We at Hand Pickers love roasting and we work with Ethiopian companies to bring the best to you. As we only source small batches, there is only a very limited supply of these coffees, so we’d love to share them with you. Please contact us if you require any more information on our coffee range or stock availability.


Hand Pickers would like to introduce our exciting new roasting program, offering workshops that will incorporate informative and scientific elements which are involved in the process of coffee roasting.

Our program will provide access to industry leading 'state of the art' equipment and encourage students to experiment with a 'hands on' approach towards different roast styles and techniques.

We have crafted this program to deliver ongoing support to the people who share the same passion and philosophy, thus ensuring that the highest standards of coffee quality and customer service are forever evolving.

Using the right elements roasting is an exciting art that transforms a delicate green bean to a perfectly roasted bean bursting with exciting flavours.


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